In this section I will list changes to the website and other relevant news.

23rd June, 2019  Aircraft #49, Lockheed C-130 Hercules added to website as well as the Flying Gallery

16th June, 2019   Aircraft #48, Convair B-58 added to the website as well as the flying gallery

13th June, 2019   New images added to flying gallery

14th May, 2019   Aircraft #47, Handley page Victor B-1 added to Website

11th May, 2019   Aircraft #46, Hawker Hunter added to Website

30th April, 2019   Aircraft #45, Consolidated B-24 Liberator added to Website

30th April, 2019   Flying Aircraft Gallery added to Menu

20th March, 2019  1903 Wright Flyer full aircraft images and e-drawing added

3rd March, 2019   1903 Wright Flyer images of the wing structure added

20th February, 2019  1903 Wright Flyer wing e-drawing added to Wright Flyer Fuselage

7th February, 2019   e-Drawing 3D files added to all aircraft and to the Wright Flyer

21st January, 2019   Aircraft are now indexed by Alphabet, Era, Type, as well as by Country of Manufacture

12th January, 2019   After 3 days, the Wright Flyer engine is starting to take shape.  Visit the progress under detailed aircraft.

8th January, 2019      Aircraft #44, Rockwell B-1 Lancer added to the Picture Gallery

2nd January, 2019       Aircraft #43, Horten Ho-229 added to the Picture Gallery

30th December, 2018   Aircraft #42, Fairey Swordfish added to the Picture Gallery

20th December, 2018   Aircraft #41, F-86 Sabre added to the Picture Gallery

16th December, 2018  “WWI Aircraft” has been added to the Group Gallery

15th December, 2018  Aircraft #40, Albatros D.III added to Aircraft Gallery

14th December, 2018  Aircraft #39, Dornier Do-335 Pfeil added to the Aircraft Gallery

7th December, 2018   The “American Bombers” added to the Group Gallery.

6th December, 2018    Aircraft #38, Boeing B-52G has been completed and added to the Gallery.

2nd December, 2018    SolidWorks Visualize standard has been upgrade to Visualize Pro.  This will allow “walk-through” videos to be created giving a more realistic view of the museum.

2nd December, 2018    The Museum building has been rebuilt to allow aircraft such as the B52 to better fit.  Visualize Pro has allowed the improvement in lighting.



  1. Simon Newman

    What an interesting concept. I am just beginning a major piece of work in rewriting Anatomy of the Aeroplane by Darrol Stinton. I have permission to use flow sim to illustrate flow patterns and also I think Visualise to show aviation hardware. Any advice on the construction of suitable models will be most welcome. I have links with Solent Sky museum in Southampton, so any information you need I can try and find

  2. SolihullCollegeAero

    He there … I tried sending a query to you under contacts, but captcha doesn’t seem to work, when putting in the total, says wrong number. Tried several times on different machines on 3 different browsers ?

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